ePAK - Web Tool

Discovery Networks International - Ongoing design and content support for ePAK Marketing tool for affiliate sales. Design and programming for Discovery Worldwide ad sales, Discovery Insights and international website promotions


Discovery Networks Wallpapers


DES Microsites


DES Microsites




Facebook Apps

Original illustrations and interactive cards for Discovery Familia’s May is for MOMS! ¡Mayo es para Mamá!

App development as well as graphic design, illustration, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and backend for kids and parents to upload their children’s pet’s pictures, add frames and characters, and then share in Facebook or twitter for Brazil and Latin America.


Lo que nunca te dicen Microsite






TV Guides

We designed and formatted for print VME TV's monthly programming magazine, which is mailed to every cable subscriber on a regular basis and VME's core clients.


La Máquina de Pensar

Interactive trivia development, graphic design, illustration, HTML, flash and CSS programming for a quiz with 2 sets of possibilities: remembrance of things past using famous quotes by famous scientists, or Ideatrix, a set of answers to questions asked by users chosen from a preselected list.


Earth Day Promotion


Astrology and Flowers


Planeta Feroz

Off Air activities for V-ME TV's ongoing series "Planeta Feroz". Graphic design, conceptualization and game development of 10 activities for all audiences to connect with nature and animals, as well as the channel and brand. Activities included infographics, magnetic maps, x-ray tables, fossil charts, and many more.


PALA Challenge

We designed and developed the 2012 version of the Discovery Familia’s PALA+ site for Discovery Familia and the White House. The Presidential Active Lifestyle Award Challenge is a movement to motivate all people that live in the United States to lead a healthier and more active lifestyle.

Graphic design, content management, website development, php, animated banners, database work, created ads, downloadable Doki and friends calendar and recipes in PDF format.


Cake Boss - TLC

Online promotion for TLC's Bakery Boss. Social media pages & micro sites.