Climate Change Council


SESO - Southwestern Educational Society

Our most recent branding project for SESO - Southwestern Educational Society. One of the most prestigious schools in Puerto Rico, now with an amazing institutional identity and brand new exterior design. Many new changes to come in the next months. Follow them on Facebook.


Somos Solar

Somos Solar is an online community of Solar advocates and everyone who is pro renewable energy in Puerto Rico. We developed the name, branding and responsive site for Maximo Torres Nazario, Maribel Ramirez and their entire group of international partners who are constantly defending our citizens rights and a Sustainable World Economy. You can be part of the Solar movement Join the community!


MUSA Art Museum

Branding, full institutional identity, graphic design, content curation, exhibition design, marketing campaigns, signage interior and exterior, murals and web development for MUSA Art Museum - UPRM , The art museum for “El Colegio de Mayagüez”, which has been home to some of Puerto Rico's most prestigious artists such as Marcos Irizarry, Agustin Stahl and many more.


MUSA - Luisa Geigel Brunet


MUSA - Nuevas Adquisiciones


MUSA - Giving Tuesday

MUSA contracted us to develop the Giving Tuesday Campaign, seeking to involve the university community, alumni and friends so that, through their donations, they contribute to making this project a reality: Mayagüez and the West have their first Art Museum: MUSA, which opened its doors to the public in February 2016 at the Mayagüez University Campus of the University of Puerto Rico (RUM). Less than a year after its grand opening, MUSA has launched a series of strategies to promote art and tourism in the region of Porta del Sol, and its artists, such as the Mayagüez master Marcos Irizarry (1936-1995) . Irizarry stood out for his contribution to the graphic arts and for being the first artists of Puerto Rico to venture into abstract art; He also established a strong link with UPRM since he was a Resident Artist during the last years of his life. The Marcos Irizarry Collection has more than 395 works that came to the UPRM through donations made by the artist, the Marcos Irizarry Foundation and private donations. MUSA's collection is composed of works on paper, painting, mixed media, engraving plates, objects, photographs and other documentation. In order to present their extensive collection in its entirety, MUSA plans to hold several exhibitions during the next few years, starting in autumn 2017 with an exhibition dedicated to 6 impressive murals that Marcos made at different periods of his artistic career. It will be the first time that these works will be exhibited, so it is required that they be submitted to conservation work, photo documentation, assembly and installation by professionals in the field. Help MUSA make this project come to life and in the conservation and dissemination of the work of Marcos Irizarry for the enjoyment of this and future generations!



Institutional identity, museum design and curation for MARA in San German's Historic District; which has a permanent collection of original artworks from San German and Latin America as well as regular art exhibitions by great contemporary artists.


Mayawest Dance Project


JIBA Films

JIBA Films, a student society from the schools of Superior Urbana of Maricao and Laura Mercado of San German created by Cafiesencia.


Copa José Juan Barea

Institutional Branding Design for Jose Juan Barea's national basketball tournament where 87 teams and 1300 participants from public and private schools played for the JJ Barea cup. We developed textures, banners, posters and t-shirts to promote the event as well as raise money for the tournament & prizes.


MHISA - Museo de la Historia de San Germán

Worked closely with the Museums board in conceptualizing & developing the museums image, communication identity, curatorship, banners, rooms illustrations and categories to unify all elements to display San german’s history and essence, as well as portray the institutions and members that have made it a reality.


CIFO - Cisneros Fontanals Art Foundation

We implemented CIFO’s design and architectural plan using the Joomla framework with customized PHP, JavaScript, HTML and CSS for all sections of the site and backend.


Zero Cost Economy

A Blueprint to create General economic security in a carefree economy. Branding, conceptualization, graphic design, website development, HTML, CSS & Flash programming.


Asociación Puertorriqueña de Diabetes

Monthly maintenance and Wordpress programming for the Asociación Puertorriqueña de Diabetes, helping the organization promote its national events as well as reach and providing aid to all individuals and entities that need their guidance and services.


Camp Kappawanna

Camp Kappawanna a new Lisa Loeb musical city theatre & Arsht Center of the Performing Arts. Illustration for the promotional poster and all the set designs in the play.


Arsht Center of the Performing Arts

Developed original illustrations and poster design for the Adrienne Arsht Center of the Performing Arts various shows and plays.   Liberty City play, Shakespeare Reduced Company, Off-Broadway "Plátanos & Collard Greens", “The Donkey Show” , Rock Odyssey, The Walworth Farce amongst other productions. We created additional characters for the different play’s promotion inspired on the show’s cast.