Lake Nona Entrepreneur Transforms Lives of Present and Future Generations Through Renewable Energy


Maximo Solar Industries, a Puerto Rican solar energy company with connections to the Lake Nona area, was recently awarded first runner-up of Solar Power 2018 Most Forward-Thinking. This is an award given by Solar Power World (SPW), the leading online and print resource for news and information.

Founded in 2009, Maximo Solar Industries helps to create reliable renewable energy systems for residential, commercial and industrial facilities. They expanded to Florida in 2016 and have further plans to extend into the rest of the continental U.S.

In the aftermath of hurricane Maria, Maximo Solar helped to launch a variety of initiatives to help the island. This included the development and building of the first battery-operated renewable energy system for a radio station, Radio Casa Pueblo. The station is located in Adjuntas and serves as the first station in the entire western hemisphere to operate without the need for power from an electrical grid. Due to this fact, the people in Adjuntas and the surrounding areas were able to access live news reports and receive updates on the reconstruction efforts, even during electrical blackout periods.

Now, even a year into the recovery period from the devastation of hurricane Maria, Maximo Solar has also pioneered the construction of a solar community in the municipality of Ciales, the solar energization of two children social services organizations, five health clinics and a community aqueduct in the southwestern town of Añasco. The company continues to be a frontrunner for developing organizations and systems to help those in need and make the world a better place.

Maximo Solar Industries’ CEO Máximo Torres is proud of his company’s work not only in Puerto Rico but also Fort Lauderdale and Orlando. The company has also climbed to the number 35 position nationally as one of the best residential solar project contractors in the nation, according to Solar Power World, within 500 other companies in the United States and its territories.

Article by By Vanessa Poulson of Nonahood News